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Touchmedia Ads is committed to provide an astonishing perspective for educating the next generation of business leaders. Our business workshops/programs present a global perspective in a variety of formats with each program designed to leave a long lasting impact on you and your organization. We bring together the best professionals and their research, perfect planning and business leaders to help your organization, address your business challenges and dramatically improve your business performance.


Touchmedia Ads is on a way to provide all marketing assistance in regards with advertising, web promotion, branding, website development etc. For the organizations Touchmedia Ads is on a mission to accept the marketing challenges positively on behalf of the organization to make them feel free at their end and look forward for the results, which they are planning and strategizing for. We provide expert and cost effective Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Website Development.We have developed core competencies in digital media.

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The only thing which matters in this corporate culture is timely and specified execution of services committed .We undertake the responsibility of complete Brand Promotions, Event Management, Media Planning, Web Promotion, Designing Advertisements, and Brand Positioning etc. in segmented markets as per the client’s requirement.At Touchmedia Ads we endeavour our best in providing the result as per commitment and if it is not provided due any reason we guarantee you 100% refund within 15 days.

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Manual Software Testing

In Manual Testing , Our testers manually execute test cases without using any automation tools. Manual testing is the most primitive of all testing types and helps find bugs in the software system. Any new application must be manually tested before its testing can be automated. Manual testing requires more effort, but is necessary to check automation feasibility. Manual Testing does not require knowledge of any testing tool. One of the Software Testing Fundamental is "100% Automation is not possible". This makes Manual Testing imperative.
Following are the testing techniques that are performed manually during the test life cycle:
Acceptance Testing
White Box Testing
Black Box Testing
Unit Testing
System Testing
Integration Testing

In software quality assurance we monitors every phase of the software development process so as to ensure design quality, making sure that the software adheres to the standards set by the development company. Software quality assurance engineers make sure that new products work before they are released to the public.

Social Media Marketing

We are specialzed in adding thousands of highly targeted Facebook fans to your Facebook fan page(s). if fan page is not with you we can creat a professional fan page for you.If you’re looking to buy Facebook fans, then look no further to get likes on Facebook page with our top notch service. Did you know that your Facebook fans are all potential customers as they will always be in touch with you? Every fan we deliver interacts with your page, which is a direct interaction with you and your company through Paid and free Posts. Each and every fan that we add to your fan page(s) is 100% guaranteed to be real people with active Facebook accounts. To get started, simply call us and select the package, which meets your needs and start to get likes on Facebook. It’s really one of the easiest way to get your services and/or products in front of different people, every day. Get ready for a big increase in traffic and/or profits after you’ve taken advantage of our competitive pricing on our Facebook fans services to get likes on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

SMO Services

Our company offers social networking, marketing and social media optimization services. SMO may be defined as a way to access new customers by exploring the popular social media sites. SMO services are created to help companies to market their products and services through online social networks and thus build a brand.

Website Design/Redesign and E-Commerce

Our web design services are of world class and the image of innovations reflect in our performances. Our designers are highly innovative and creative who understand each and every elemental requirements of your website and present them in their best possible way. We implement reliable and open source technologies which enable us to provide you a very high quality and cost effective solution for your requirements.Our team of website professional anylzises and determines the exact reasons why your website needs to be redesigned. With the changing times website needs to be redesigned. Due to busy schedule we don’t get enough time to look at our website and lose highly qualified leads due to outdated website. We take your burden of website redesign at our professional shoulders. From niche approach of changing market demand and changing buying behavior we help you to redesign your website in most efficient and effective way.E-commerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect of e-business. It consists of exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions.

Website Development

Web design/Fontend Development

We at Touchmedia Ads take your burden of website design at our professional shoulders. From niche approach of changing market demand as well as changing buying behavior we help you to design your website in most efficient and effective way.

CRM Development

CRM is a corporate strategy that places the customer at the center.The goal is to manage the best possible relations with existing and future customers. CRM therefore connects business processes, people and technology together to achieve a single goal: to win customers and retain satisfied.It is a holistic strategy that will help you learn about your customers and their behavior, so you can build stronger and long-term customer relationships that are for you and your customers benefit.It is very difficult to run a successful business without having to point while a main focus on CRM. Finally, its all about the customer.Successful CRM includes many different areas of your company, where the distribution is of course the starting point.There are also lots of other departments involved with customer contact, such as marketing and customer service.With the streamlining of Different Solutions CRM solutions and automate business processes to enable all employees in your company a complete view of customers, provide better analysis and insights on important sales and customer data and keep all of this to focus on attracting new customer focus, while the existing customer base is served to the fullest satisfaction.

Application Development

CRM Development

CRM solutions help you ensure that work sales, marketing and support all for a common goal, so you can bring your company’s success to a whole new level.

Pay-Per Click Management

Pay per click is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. It is defined simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system. PPC "display" advertisements, also known as "banner" ads, are shown on web sites or search engine results with related content that have agreed to show ads.At Touch media, we understand the importance of low cost clicks generating high end results. With our experience and versatility in working on cross-platform PPC Marketing, we get the lowest Cost per Click for our clients, by being diligent and clear about their budget, plans and goals.If you're not taking advantage of PPC search advertising, you're missing out on one of the most cost-effective methods of new customer and lead generation on the internet!

Pay-Per Click Management

Cost per-click

We by our professional experience always Endeavour to provide best quality keywords based upon search frequency on various search engines. In same line we also give our best to ensure that keywords are working as per client’s requirement with low investment

Search Engine Optimization

When you are looking for someone’s website, the first thing that strikes your mind, is the keywords. Same is the case if somebody looks up for your website for products and services. This is perhaps true as 90% of the websites are found in this manner. Therefore, it is important to have high ranking in the search page. The process of achieving a higher rank in search engines after following some steps, is known as “Search Enginee Optimization” and it is a part of the internet marketing process. For expanding your business horizons and improving your rankings online, SEO services are a must. Our company follows a systematic approach to search engine optimization that helps clients in improving traffic to your website.Our company provides quality search engine optimization services to our clients that are highly placed in well known and most used search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN along with others.

It is seen that prospective clients or people hardly search beyond the first page so it becomes imperative that your site is listed high using relevant keywords or phrases from your business to have a high business ranking

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